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Free coding camp is awesome.

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Earlier this week I stumbled upon an amazing resource for learning to code, something that I’ve wanted to do for years, and not only is right up my alley it’s also free. provides what is called a full stack development certification which includes Front End development, back end development, and data visualisation. It’s a pretty long course but they say companies seek out people who do this course, even hiring some before they can complete the whole program.

You do a lot of what are called challenges that are just short lessons teaching you the basics of html, css, jquery, and javascript among others. These don’t take long and are pretty easy. Then you do the projects, two to four of them, depending on the section you’re in. The front end certification is split into three sections basic, intermediate, and advanced with each section getting more difficult as you go.

At the end of the course you pair up with another (student?) to complete two real world projects for Non-Profits. Once you’ve completed that you get the full stack certification.

This whole process is different than it used to be, where you either went to college and learned computers and programming there, or like me you taught yourself to code in which case it could be difficult to get a job because you have no certifications or degrees.

Also trying to learn from internet can be difficult. There is tons of info out there but you have to know where to look and keep trying different things without much guidance or structure. Not an ideal way to learn.

Freecodecamp however includes everything you need in one place with support and help when you need it as well as other coders to get to know and learn from.

I have looked around and there are a few other sites out there like freecodecamp, however a lot of them are not free or only have limited courses available for free. There are also sites that aren’t as much like a school where you can just go and pick what you want to learn about.

I signed up the day I found freecodecamp have been going at it hard ever since, I’m up around 100 completed challenges.





Written by itsallupo

June 22, 2016 at 7:27 am

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