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Entropy and Decay

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Everything in our universe is subject to entropy and decay, and the United States of America is certainly no exception. The fact is that the decline of this once great nation is itself just a symptom of a larger problem; the moral and cultural decay of western civilization as a whole. While it may briefly been true that where the US went the world would follow, those days came and went in the blink of an eye and what we are left with is a shell of an empire that wasn’t and the lingering delusion that the American dream ever actually existed. If there was a golden age in this country it lasted no more than two decades and I strongly suspect it only ever existed in the imagination of a small segment of American society.

Now, none of that is new or original, and I’m hardly the first person to suggest such things. The only reason I’ve brought it up is because of a particular side effect that I have noticed. People have a tendancy to pick out a few issues or topics on which to focus their displeasure while ignoring the larger picture and the ways in which those smaller issues relate to it and to one another. They take these things in isolation, choosing to exrapolate everything that is wrong with society from the handful of issues that irritate them most, rather than digging a little deeper to find the root causes of those issues. If they were to dig deeper or take a broader view what they would find is that all of the problems that we have in society today are not the result of todays politicians, or todays laws, or the rampant corruption in our government today. The cause of all these ills started long before you or I were born and there isn’t a thing that any of us could ever have done about it.

When I was younger I fell into this same trap of feeling like I had been cheated somehow by being born into times when it seemed like the whole country was coming apart at the seams and everything was generally going to shit. I couldn’t see that it wouldn’t have mattered what generation I was born into because just like human beings, our societies begin dying as soon as they are born and it is up to each one of us to make the best of the times in which we live.

I am not suggesting some kind of vast conspiracy going back hundreds of years. No masons or illuminati or New World Order. For all I know every one of those conspiracies could be completely true, it  doesn’t really matter if some rich people want to dance around in robes and do weird shit in secret, the fact of the matter is that human nature is the true cause of the problems of this age and every age. Entropy and decay are as much a part of the nature of our universe as space or time and when you truly come to accept that idea, its amazing how small the day to day problems seem to become.

So, it is with all this in mind that I have chosen “Entropy and Decay” as the new name of my blog. While that may seem negative at first glance, the truth is that it’s not. It is a reminder of why we shouldn’t let the craziness in the world around us determine what kind of life we are going to have. There are some things that are not in our control but when we give up the control we do have out of frustration with the world around us, we are giving in to the worst part of our own natures and choosing to be unhappy when we don’t need to be.




Written by itsallupo

June 9, 2016 at 1:22 am

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